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Health & Safety Consultant Portsmouth

Universal Safety Practitioners is a health and safety consultant supporting businesses in Portsmouth, the South of England and beyond. Our team has extensive experience providing health and safety support and risk assessment services to businesses across a wide spectrum of industries.

The guidance we provide is jargon-free and tailored to your company’s specific needs, as well as in compliance with your industry’s regulations.

With over 28 years of experience, we are ideally placed to provide all of the health and safety support your company needs, from management structure to risk assessments and practical solutions for essential day-to-day work to be completed safely. Contact one of our experts if you would like to discover how we can help your company meet its health and safety needs.

A health and safety advisor that works for you


We believe it is important to work closely with our clients to fully understand their health and safety requirements. This closeness allows us to provide you with the peace of mind that your company will meet all of your industry-specific compliance needs through effective health and safety training and a robust health and safety management system.



    From a construction perspective, our consultants have fulfilled the roles of ‘Principal Designer’ and ‘Construction Health and Safety Advisor for both commercial and domestic construction projects. By being involved from the start of a construction project, we are able to provide suitable and cost-effective design solutions to risks identified during the pre-construction phase, ensuring that everyone working on the project is kept safe at all times.

    Looking for someone to fulfil the appointment of ‘Competent Person’ for health and safety? Here at USP, we have been appointed as the Competent Person for health and safety for a great number of our clients, removing the difficulties in navigating both general and industry-specific health and safety legislation and regulations.


    Why work with Universal Safety Practitioners?

    Universal Safety Practitioners’ approach to health and safety is different than others thanks to our extensive experience. Some companies focus on providing boardroom-level safety solutions while others are centred on assisting companies with practical solutions for everyday tasks. Our health and safety advisor and risk assessment team are experienced in both aspects of health and safety training, ensuring we provide a comprehensive service for your company from top to bottom, and more than often, from bottom to top.

    We believe in providing pragmatic solutions that you can understand, which is why we work as an integral part of developmental works and project groups within your organisation. By gaining a better understanding of how you work, we use our expertise to ensure you comprehend the health and safety compliance direction you are heading towards.

    Compliant and effective projects need a proactive and pragmatic Construction Health and Safety Advisor.

    Whether large or small, projects depend on the key appointment of the Principal Designer to help ensure Health and Safety legal requirements are met.

    A health and safety audit is an expert assessment of an organisation’s health and safety policies, systems, and procedures.

    Health and Safety Consultants

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    We are proud that our broad experience across a diverse range of industries means we can support the health and safety needs of many different Portsmouth-based companies and beyond. Our experience extends to small and large companies, putting us in the perfect position to offer high-level solutions and professional health and safety support to give you peace of mind.