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Fire Safety & Fire Risk Assessments

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Fire Safety & Risk Assessments in Sussex & Across the UK

Irrespective of industry type, all businesses have a need for robust fire safety solutions as well as effective emergency procedures; helping maintain their businesses continuity and keeping their people safe. 

Fire Safety is the collective term used for tasks which need to be completed to ensure that those in the premises are kept safe from the risks posed by fire, and the results of a fire on the premises.

There are numerous aspects involved in fire safety, including:

In order to ensure that an organisation has a suitable and effective fire safety strategy in place, you will need to ensure that all of the respective component parts are completed. Please click on the below tiles to find out more information on these important aspects of fire safety.

Our fire risk assessments are clear, concise and give prioritised advice on management

Since the 2005 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (“RRO”), the process of fire risk assessment is of absolute importance, when identifying fire safety issues, as part of risk assessment process, leading to the design and implementation of workable and effective fire safety solutions.  There is absolutely no margin for error when carrying out fire risk assessments and implementing fire safety controls, as well as effective emergency procedures. 

Being able to react quickly and decisively in any fire emergency, often limits the degree of damage and business interruption as well as aids in the enhanced protection of a company’s biggest assets, its people. 

USP have completed fire risk assessments and emergency procedures for clients, running into the hundreds, across numerous industries, including public entertainment/exhibition arenas, through to multi-disciplined businesses and sites with employee numbers running into the hundreds.

Our fire risk assessments are clear, concise and give prioritised advice on management of fire risks and key governance strategies for continued levels of fire safety.   

We complement our fire risk assessment services with developed emergency procedures, fire safety and fire warden training. 

This complete package of fire safety services helps ensure clients comply with their duties under the RRO as the ‘Responsible Person’ for fire safety.