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Latest Safety Briefings

Read the latest safety briefings from our Health and Safety consultants below:

Latest Safety Briefings

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Health and Safety Audit

Navigating the tricky waters of Health and Safety legislation can feel like a nightmare, especially when it comes to wading through huge piles of Legislation, Regulations and Guidance Documents which exist to ensure that organisations are legally compliant and keeping their workers, and anyone affected by their undertakings, safe from harm.

Ten ways to make your business more environmentally friendly

Whether you offer a product or service, more and more customers are opening their eyes to the climate crisis and what they can do to ensure that they are doing their part in helping reduce the environmental impact on the world.

Building Safety Bill Update

The HSE have recently provided an update in respect of the proposed changes. Our article will explain the key element of proposed changes under the bill.


Is a Permit-to-Work System Important?

In 2020, over 140 people were killed at work, and over 65,420 severe injuries were reported. Since the 1970s, the number of workers involved in fatal and non-fatal accidents in the workplace has been decreasing – yet, there is still a lot of work to do to reduce the number of casualties.

Selecting a qualified health and safety consultant

Selecting a Qualified
Health & Safety Consultant

Health and safety. As a business owner or leader, a responsible person in any capacity, it’s a part of your job; and speaking frankly, what could be more important than ensuring the safety of your workforce? When it comes to choosing a qualified health and safety consultant with whom to partner, it’s no secret: you’ve got some research to do.

What is a competent person

For the majority of companies, meeting your Health and Safety responsibilities can seem like a heavy burden. However, you are not on your own!!

Getting back to work safely

To say the world as we know it has changed would be somewhat of an understatement. Where we once crammed onto public transport at rush hour, buses and trains now stand almost empty at 7am, as the world settles in to working from home. 

The Draft Building Safety Bill Explained

In response to the independent review of both Building and Fire Regulations led by Dame Judith Hackitt following the Grenfell Tower Fire, the UK government has published the draft Building Safety Bill. The bill was referred to in the Queens Speech earlier this year and will be introduced to Parliament for debate in the next Parliamentary session.  


These vitally important set of regulations replaced the previous 2007 version, making some significant changes, namely the introduction of the new duty holder position of ‘Principal Designer’. In this article, we will explain the basis of CDM and how it is applied to construction works.

The health and safety implications of working from home

As the UK slowly emerges from the Covid 19 pandemic and its subsequent fallout, businesses are now taking a close look at what the “new normal” way of operating will look like, and how this arrangement will develop in the medium-to-longer term.

What is CHAS

Looking at becoming CHAS accredited and understanding what is CHAS?

If you are a contractor working in the construction industry, you need to demonstrate to your existing and prospective clients that you ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of your employees, other contractors and anyone else who may be impacted by the work that you are doing.

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What is an ‘F10’ and how to complete one

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 state that some construction projects must be notified to the authorities.