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Principal Designers Brighton & Hove

Providing Principal Designers for Brighton & Hove

If you are looking to start a new construction project, whether it’s a domestic alteration or major commercial build, it is important to put health and safety first. Universal Safety Practitioners has built a reputation for safely managing construction projects, including the appointment of Principal Designers throughout the Brighton and Hove area.

For construction projects that require more than one contractor, and therefore coordination of their separate services, a Principal Designer with experience, skills and knowledge of managing this must be appointed.

Universal Safety Practitioners will only appoint a Principal Designer who has:

  • A strong technical understanding of the construction industry and its relevant subdivisions for the project at hand;
  • Experience and comprehensive knowledge of how to manage Health & Safety during the design and planning processes; and
  • The skills to oversee Health & Safety and liaise with the relevant parties from the moment construction begins.


What is a competent person

Universal Safety Practitioners’ Principal Designers

When appointing a Principal Designer for your construction project, we ensure that we put people in place with the best skills and experience for the job. With safety always on our minds, our Principal Designers will expertly manage the planning and design stage of your build, putting their practical experience to good use.

With hundreds of Principal Designers appointed for our clients, and a focus on bringing a high level of health and safety to building projects, we can ensure safe and practical solutions throughout all stages of the pre-construction process that follows through until completion.

Your construction project will benefit from our expertise in:

  • Pinpointing, managing and eliminating risks;
  • Attentive reporting and collaboration with the relevant duty holders;
  • Communicating with Principal Contractors for a well-managed and harmonious construction project; and
  • Producing detailed Health and Safety Files (H&S File) and Pre-construction Information (PCI) to guide each step of your project.

Why CDM Matters

The Construction, Design and Management Regulations in 2015 (CDM) introduced an additional layer of safety to builds by requiring the appointment of a Principal Designer. This was put in place to ensure that all building projects have the correct Health and Safety governance in place, prior to the commencement of the project.

With all construction work in Brighton & Hove, Sussex and the rest of the UK, subject to CDM regulations, a competent Principal Designer is essential for the successful completion of your project.

We deliver hands-on Health and Safety management, working in collaboration with engineers, designers and architects to ensure every step of your project is considered from a health and safety point of view.


Why Choose Universal Safety Practitioners?

The Draft Building Safety Bill Explained

At USP we deliver a safety-first approach to all that we do, and whether you are renovating your home or building a new commercial facility, we give each project the same attention and focus. We ensure that our Principal Designers are appointed with industry-specific experience that relates to your project and the qualifications and skills to back it up.

Contact us or call 01903 942996  to arrange a consultation for Principal Designers for Brighton and Hove to ensure the health and safety of your construction project is managed by an experienced professional.

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